Friday 14 March 2008

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Sunday 24 June 2007

Intermediate Developer's Tips to Becoming a Better ASP Coder

6. Use Classes to Encapsulate Implementation Complexity!
5. Use an include file for database connectivity!
4. Practice your debugging skills!
3. Don't skimp on the variables!
2. Use GetString whenever you can!
1. Explicitly Close and Destroy Object Instances!

Happy Programming!

Top 10 Beginner's Tips to Becoming a Better ASP Coder

So, you want to become a better ASP coder... well, you've come to the right place! Below you'll find 10 tips on how to transform into a better ASP coder. These tips are geared toward beginning ASP developers.

10. Comment your code!
9. Be able to code in raw ASP!
8. Know where to find information!
7. Make use of a sensible directory structure
6. Have others review your code!
5. Use prefix notation when naming your variables!
4. Document, Document, Document!
3. Use Include Files!
2. Use Option Explicit!
1. Declare all your variables at the top of your ASP page!

Happy Programming!

What purpose is served by the Application.Lock method

A. It locks the Application object, preventing other clients from altering any values in the Contents collection.
B. It locks the application, preventing the server from responding to any requests for application documents.
C. It locks the application, preventing non-SSL requests from being processed.
D. It locks the Application object, preventing other clients from reading any values in the Content collection.
E. It locks other clients from reading the Contents collection.

What are the advantages of Cookies over Session Object?

# It informs each page what session the request belongs to
when a user accesses during a session.
# It retrieves all the session information stored on the
# Cookies can persist for a much longer period of time than
session that has a timeout value usually of 20 minutes and
hence can store information even when a user is off the

Saturday 23 June 2007

ASP Interview Questions and Answers

1.Why do you use Option Explicit.
2.What are the data types in VBScript.
3.What is a session Object.
4.What are the three Objects of ADO.
5.What are the lock-types available in ADO.Explain.
6.What are the cursor types available in ADO.Explain.
7.What is a COM component.
8.How do you register a COM component.
9.What is a virtual root and how do you create one?.
10.What is a database index, how do you create one,
discuss it's pros and cons.
11.What is the default language of ASP.
12.How do you use multiple record sets( rs.NextRecordSet ).
13.As soon as you fetch a record set, what operations would
you perform.
14.Define a transaction. What are acid properties of a
15.How would you remotely administer IIS.
16.What is RAID? What is it used for.
17.What is normalization?. Explain normalization types.
18.What is the disadvantage of creating an index in every column
of a database table.
19.What are the uses of source control software.
20.You have a query that runs slowly, how would you make it better.
21.What is a bit datatype?.What is it used for.
22.How would you go about securing IIS and MS-SQL Server.
23.What is the difference between Request("field) and Request.Form("field").
24.Few example scenarios of static and dynamic XMLs.